October 15, 2020

A Bourbon is Born

When it comes to lifelong friendships, there’s truth in the familiar phrase, “Great minds think alike.” When Katy native Mike Ryan collaborates with his friend, Joe D. Baker on a project, they “Go big or go home.” The two have created a business partnership and brand, crafting a super-premium, proprietary mash favored by both women and men. Years of research and determination were dedicated to developing their elite Semper Fi brand of Big Stick bourbon whiskey, honoring and supporting military members and their families.

An Untapped Market Discovered
If the word “whiskey” conjures images of saloon girls overlooking cowboys slinging back spirits, think again. Big Stick has turned that vision upside down, creating a sophisticated bourbon-whiskey blend that’s pleasantly palatable and worthy of its name. Mike and Joe have managed to attract an untapped market for their brand, targeting women imbibers. Women who have never before swigged spirits love the savory smoothness without the customary harsh bite. Each flavorful sip ends on a sweet note that women find appealing and enjoyable. “Bourbon connoisseurs want variety,” explains Mike, which makes Big Stick a popular choice among veteran and virgin whiskey drinkers alike.

Sticking Out in a Crowd
Inside the bottle is the “big stick” – a charred white oak stave mirroring the wood barrels the bourbon is aged and flavored in. Big Stick delivers its distinctive flavor profile with each pour. Smooth with a sweet ending note, it lacks the sting of other brands, garnering favor and loyalty from women and men alike.

Housed inside a meaningfully-shaped heavyweight glass bottle, the golden liquid’s flavor and color improves with time. Designed to resemble a U.S. Marine in uniform cinched at the waist, the bottle stands tall and proud, commanding respect. A convenient pouring cap is attached at the top, while the white label honors the colors, strength, and courage of the USMC, declaring their motto, “Go Big or Go Home.” Ninety-five percent proof holds special significance, highlighting the remaining five percent as the portion of profits donated to charities that support military families.

By Melissa Gautier
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