Last updated: 07/01/2022

With the Stick in the bottle is this really a 750ml (25.4 oz.) of bourbon?

Yes! The bottle design with the long neck allows us to fill the bottle with 25.4 oz. (750ml) of Big Stick Bourbon before we add the the Stick.

What is the mash bill of Big Stick Bourbon?

We keep that as a secret but rest assured, when you are drinking Big Stick we cut no corners and comply with all regulations to be labeled a bourbon.

What kind of wood is the stick?

The Stick is made of New American White Oak. Just like the barrels we use when initially maturing and seasoning the bourbon.

Is there any residue or particles from the wood?

There are no particles from the wood. There may be some slight fine residue from the char of the Stick. It is also less filtered than other bourbons. Nothing more than what you might find at the bottom of an aged bottle of red wine with big tannins, enjoying a steak off the grill, or salmon cooked on cedar plank……just more flavor!

Does the Stick age the bourbon?

Ageing only occurs while in the original barrel. However, with the Stick contact inside the bottle it does continue to add flavor similarly to still being in the barrel.

What does the stick do?

The Stick has about 140 all natural flavors, several of them are wood sugars – fructose’s. When the stick is charred it produces caramel flavors. In addition, the resins contain aromatic compounds used to make vanilla extract, and the charring brings out these flavors as well. The charcoal itself filters out any harsh flavors and makes for the smoothest tasting bourbon.

What is the “angels’ share”?

It is the bourbon that evaporates during barrel storage and said to be lost to the angels. This is some of the finest and more delicate flavors that are first to be lost while ageing in barrel. In our next process the bourbon is exposed to wood again with a charred New White American Oak Stick. This time the bourbon is in a sealed bottle and we capture all these flavor components for you to enjoy. We make the angel’s thirsty!

What does “Double-Oaked” mean?

This term is used after a spirit has aged in barrel and then transferred to a different barrel. In many instances, the second barrel is one that is used or what is referred to as a “spent” barrel. The exposure with a “spent” barrel increases nuanced flavors. It takes on characteristics of whatever the barrel was initially used to create such as sherry or port. Our second process adds bolder flavors and more complexity due to the exposure of New White American Oak twice.

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